Megan M. Kiminki

(formerly Megan M. Bagley)

Graduate Student

Department of Astronomy / Steward Observatory
University of Arizona
A picture of teddy-bear cholla. Cactus in bloom in northwest Tucson. Hubble Space Telescope image of the HH 666 protostellar jet. Observing at the Magellan Telescopes. The Magellan telescopes in Chile. Saguaro in Sabino Canyon.

GitHub Cheat Sheet

Initializing git on your computer for the first time:

git config --global "FirstName LastName"

git config --global ""

Initializing a repository in a folder and directing it to your GitHub repository:

git init

git remote add origin

[Note: The following git workflow assumes the most basic set-up: you have a repository on GitHub with a single branch and a local copy of that repository on your computer, and you are the only person making significant changes to either. Use with caution when working with multiple branches and/or multiple contributors.]

Update local repo with any changes made in GitHub repo:

git pull origin master

Update GitHub repo with changes made on your computer:

git add modifiedfile

git commit -m "Add blah bug fix"

git push origin master