Megan M. Kiminki

(formerly Megan M. Bagley)

Graduate Student

Department of Astronomy / Steward Observatory
University of Arizona
A picture of teddy-bear cholla. Cactus in bloom in northwest Tucson. Hubble Space Telescope image of the HH 666 protostellar jet. Observing at the Magellan Telescopes. The Magellan telescopes in Chile. Saguaro in Sabino Canyon.

Hectospec Wavelength Calibration

The comparison spectra taken on Hectospec can be confusing. For one, the helium-neon-argon (HeNeAr) lamps produce spectra that do not look like the the typical HeNeAr atlas spectra, primarily because of various issues with the helium lamps being too weak or too strong. In addition, medium-resolution spectra often use the PenRay mercury-neon-argon (HgNeAr) lamps, on their own or with the helium lamps also turned on, and HgNeAr spectral atlases are practically non-existent.

Linked below are a set of wavelength calibration reference plots for the grating and lamp combinations I've encountered while reducing Hectospec data.